Poem found in an old journal – Written November 7th, 2014

Once upon a time, I thought I knew something of love.

Once upon a time I thought I wanted to.

That summer

You were there too

Long and dry

Alcohol burning in our bellies

Despair swimming behind our eyes

Our was never to reason why

Only to live fast

And dour our best to die young

We raise the dawn

And drink a toast

To blackened hearts

Over Reagan’s rotting bones

The might of our first kiss

Ringing in my ears

Three months before

Sleepless spring night

The air is electric

Neon city lights outside your window

When my face brushes past yours

My heart is already pounding

I worry you feel it

Pressed against you

Through my ghost-thin ribcage

I never felt this way

About a first kiss

And I worry I’m lying

WhenI say I ever felt that way since

That winter

Manic hopeful energy

All over the west side of this city

Stickers and spraypaint

Meet cold concrete

Short bursts of fury and fight

Despair and hope

Illuminated by humming city lights

Before this world devours us all

I know you knew

But so much of that was a love note

Written across the city, to you

Ten years on, and I can’t stop moving

Ten thousand miles

And late at night, I smile

I wonder if any of it is still there

If someone still young at heart

Who finds this world

To be a place worth fighting for

They will pass our ghosts one night

“We may not be holding hands, but our shadows are.”

And reach for one another across that divide

Our echoes, ghost lovers

Buried by time and dust

Remnants of youth long gone to rust

This city.

West of Broadway

South of Colfax avenue

Spray Can and marker

Wheat paste and poster

Walked away from the light

And into forever

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