Riverside Cemetery

“Boys and girls
Guys and dolls”
And the pretty, pretty
Fucked up rest of us
Looking for love

In every wrong place
And every worn wound
Playing heartless games
Between the graves

Empty summer nights
Old bones
And broken homes
We’re finding loss
We’re falling down

Bleeding out
From all the paper cuts
And love letters
Written in blood
Torn out pages

And writing on the wall
We never bothered to read
We were the flowers tat grew from the soil
Doing our best to grow tall
Choked out by the most

Insidious weed of them all
It’s name was trust
Beautiful in bloom
But poison dripping
Through open wounds

In the end we’re kissing
And faking love beneath the moon
Making this deathbed for two
If there was a light
Sneaking into this room

We chose to hide our eyes


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