I’m not crying by the railroad tracks, you’re crying by the railroad tracks.

I’m experimenting with writing poetry that is outside of what I normally do.  IE shorter, and different stanzas.  I don’t know.  I don’t really know how to write poetry, but I’m still okay with how this turned out.

Vulnerability is sometimes
And often amounts to
At least with you

While love is the lie
We tell ourselves
To justify our cannibal appetites

Shining teeth and sharp claws
Your hand on mine and a smile
Look me in the eye

Scratch my back
While we sharpen our knives
Hit the lights

And slip inside
When the morning light
Creeps through the blinds

I guess we’ll see
Which one of us survives
I think I might have mentioned

Right at the start of this mess
I do my best to be good
But I’m not nice.

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