The Desolation Of Longing.

Whoops.  The darkness of winter and depression caused me to neglect this blog.  Getting back into the swing of things.  Sorry y’all.

My head is spinning
Heartache unbound
I’m wrapping
A cloud around
Myself, swirling with
Cheap sex scent,
Bare skin, and
Clothes collecting on
The floors of anonymous rooms

My breath catches
Air rushes in
To fill hungry lungs
But nothing quite fills
The chasm in my chest
Where tender caresses
Reaching to meet longing
Skin once lived

I’m slipping home
Down every back road
Still wide awake
Come two AM
Counting minutes, killing days
And taking stock of
Every last mistake I’ve made

Hello again to you, heartache
You leave me filled
With the bliss of bleeding
Overwhelmed with the
Curse of feeling
The weight of everything
And nothing all at once
Ever moving, searching
For the sun
Wandering through ruins lived
And into the great desolation of longing

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