We never died in motel rooms. We just got drunk on wine stolen from the happiest place on earth.

Sleeping pills cut into
A can of coca cola|
Sipped into grinning mouths
My broken teeth were born
Right here, where
I-95 cuts like a knife
Milepost after milepost
All the way through
The sticky-hot night

Insects hum and the
Air smells like
Ozone and asphalt
From South Carolina
And on into Georgia

Fluorescent truck stop lights
Light up the night
Lighter heads and blurry eyes
Leaden limbs stumble
Laughter meets our mouths
Pockets filled with
Stolen cassette tapes
Meant to be sold
To keep lonely truckers
Company on long drives
“Lynrd Skynrd’s greatest hits”
“Power Ballads Vol. six”

You grin.
Glowing and gorgeous
Awash in nearby highway noise
And flickering yellow
Lights lining the parking lot
Keeping the long bright
Darkness at bay

The long road to everywhere
And nowhere at all calls
The engine ignites
Into motion again

My head on your shoulder
A New Rose sings
In my headphones
And lulls me
Back into restless sleep



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