Spell for letting go.

A blessing:

A sanctification
Whispered to quiet rooms in
The afterglow of spells spoken
Balm for the bleeding and the bliss
That is the burden of letting go
Releasing love
To heal the hurt we hold
Breaking free from bonds
That no longer nurture our souls
The air holds a charge
Crackling lungs breathing in the dark
Soothing everlasting aches
Giving thanks for the strength
Of hearts that never break.

Written in the dairy Aisle, 8:08 PM.

I love you and
I hate you and
I don’t hate you
At all.

We were both just
So fucking mad
And I’m so sorry for that.

I hear nowadays
You are hurting real bad.

How seizures keep
You shivering in your bed
Gasping for breath
And clutching for your CBD pens

I heard it at the grocery store
My first thought
Was to shoplift
As many of those
Little fuckers as
I could possibly push
Into my pockets.

Seal them safely in a package
Sent with no return address
To your last known residence.

With love,
Your favorite ex-friend.

Untitled. Unfinished. Unfinishable.

Even the brightest stars die
Exploding outward
Over and out
Rain slick and
Steaming southern streets
Long after they have released
The sun’s last heat

Even the brightest stars die
Imploding inwards
Collapsing just like
A black hole
Which nothing will escape
Not even light
This time around

Inner light hemorrhaging
Angles and breaths
Drawn chaotic
And all too sharp
Following the path
Of an irregularly beating heart

You and I:
Did not create this world
Nor did we do a thing to deserve it
But here we are, chained earthbound
To this violent and rudderless world
Accelerant soaked and burning down

Now I write this for you:
Love letters to dead summers
Pages torn out from closed chapters
Love stories for
Ghost lovers singing
Silent songs carried
Across empty years
And barren deserts
Dried of their tears

In The Spirit Of Sound

Sound out lost youth
And dreams gone to dust
Shuddering, thundering frustration
Pulled screaming out of
Every last distorted chord
Scream it out, scream it out
Loss pouring from glass throats
Scream it out, scream it out
Every shadow that we hold
Every last cobweb from the corners

With quiet moments
Of cautious hope
Resounding triumph
And the joy we’ve lived
Or just a nights calm rest
Within a warm room
Or out to paint the town
(and ourselves)
Black and blue, but still true

This sound, the sound
Of breaking down
Breaking out
Paper cuts line tired, tired hands
Twenty years singing the same tune
And a movement for invisible truth
A lifetime of wearing wounds
Twenty years with the light creeping
Into the corners of a cold room

There is a light
Piercing through these miles of night
There is a light
And this time
We chose not to hide our eyes
Twenty years with beautiful noise
Coming from a crowded room
Twenty years breathing, moving, screaming
Living, always living
Every iota of us poured out
Into the spirit of sound



February so far:

Crushing, inexorable anxiety at the state of the world.
Warm rooms.
Writing poems, that I think are okay like:

Drawing a blank
In this long
And dark
American night
Waves of fear crash and roll
From shore to shore
Against the walls
That surround this sleepless and vulnerable Body

Turns out the flags aren’t as dead
At the tops of their poles
As we had hoped
Back when we were young
Now you get this sinking feeling
Deep in your bones
Cold as cold as cold

That the flags are glaring
Baring teeth, awake
And hungry for blood
Just like they were all along
Consuming the young and the old
The sick and the poor

Low men, with plunder in their eyes
Teeth like knives
Grinding down lives
Gazing from gilded towers
Satisfied with the reckoning
We have wrought
As all hell and war
Comes knocking on every door.

Trying to finish this fucking zine I started in November.
Casting remnants of toxic connections into the sound.
Giving thanks to the light stretching longer into the days.
Coldwave/Darkwave/New Wave
Torrid pre-apocalypse romances.
Making plans that involve long term survival.
Doing my best to use my creative energy in spite of the world, even when it feels completely futile.
Feeling safe in my skin, despite the world.
Thinking about how if it’s the end of the world, so much of these hard feelings aren’t worth holding onto.