Oh no! I’ve been “doxxed”!

An open letter to my esteemed white nationalist readers:

Congratulations on collecting a few blurry (and frankly still flattering) pictures of me and constructing a poorly written paragraph mocking my body, my sexuality, my politics, and my writing.  Good on y’all on figuring out that I despise fascism, racism, and nationalism in whatever malignant form they take.  Literally, the post before this one is about antifascism.  Many of the stories on this blog are about teenage punk rockers punching out Nazi skinheads.  If observation, deductive reasoning, and sentence structure are at all indicative of this whole “master race” thing y’all are constantly circle jerking over, well I believe I have some very sad news for you.  I get that releasing whatever private information you could get your little hands on was supposed to humiliate my friends and I into silence and shame, but it didn’t work.  Not one of us are less committed to antifascism and anti-racism than we were a few days ago.  If anything, we are going to be even more dedicated and vigilant from now on.

I love my friends. I love the work they do.  I’m going to go ahead and infer on the motives here again, but I imagine y’all hoped this would drive us into terrified isolation and infighting.   It didn’t work.  Your tactic only served as a reminder of how vital actual community is to movements, how looking out for one another is a part of community.  We are looking out for one another, and will be continuing to do so into the future.

I love my home.  Asheville is far from perfect.  It’s full bland liberal whiteness, consumption as activism, and bumper sticker politics. It has its share of white-dreaded hippies who just want to Namaste the world into not being a horror show.  Beneath that, it also has a long and rich history of radical struggle.  Asheville has a vibrant and thriving radical queer community.  You don’t get to lay stake to a city, just because you feel your whiteness entitles you to it. Asheville holds no place for you within it and the majority of its inhabitants likely hate you.

I am proud of my “crappy poetry”.  Again, you’re really reaching here.  All of my writing is on a public site.  Literally anyone with this thing we call “the internet” can access said writing.  After they have accessed it, a person can like it or they can dislike it.  I find strength in sharing vulnerability and brutal honesty with whoever chooses to engage with my writing.  That vulnerability and honesty is not for everyone, and this is fine.  Frankly, I would be disappointed if a single white nationalist found a single piece here that resonated with them.  Because by existing with all the tenderness, honesty, and painful nuance I can pour into it, my art is intended to be a (small and effeminate) fist in the face of the rigid white supremacist hyper masculine culture you motherfuckers are shitting yourselves in panic about losing.

I would call my aesthetic “aging crustpunkgoth meets skinhead adjacent”, thank you.  Again, anyone who knows me, or reads my writing knows that I have 20+ year history being a part of various underground subcultures and a deep love of music and subcultural aesthetics.  I come from a time and place where subculture weirdos were far less numerous and stuck together, often against fascists.  With that history, I wear what feels comfortable for my awkward body.  Sometimes that’s lace and black denim.  Sometimes that’s a Fred Perry.

I rarely walk anywhere without steel toed boots on my feet though, just something to remember.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, the imagery of the (just so poorly placed) “Anti-Communist Action” logo on your fliers is not lost on anyone.  The imagery of a body falling from a helicopter intends to evoke the terror of the Pinochet regime when leftists and enemies of the state were thrown from helicopters into the ocean.  Further, the coded, antisemitic language often replacing “communist” for “Jew” is lost on absolutely nobody.  One only need to look at the history of the Third Reich and other fascist movements to see how deeply rooted so called “Anti-Communism” is in antisemitism.  Your ugly, racist, antisemitic colors are showing here, and everyone can fucking see it.

Try to throw me or anyone I love out of a helicopter, I’m taking at least one of you motherfuckers to the bottom of the ocean with me.

Thank you for your time, and thanks for the free advertisement.


Portrait of the author upon learning that Nazis have leaked the very public information that the author does in fact, not like Nazis.

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