Signals Fill The Void Mix 4/19-4/23

Signals Fill the Void Mix – 4/23/21

1. Provoke – Prison Strike

2. Dicks – Dicks Hate The Police
This is the best anti cop punk song. Period.

3. Cock Sparrer – Riot Squad
The Second best anti cop punk song. As my dear friend Crain says “It’s a banger.”
Pirates Press, in my opinion is a DIY label worth supporting right now. They did a lot of benefits to support their artists during the worst of Covid. When the uprising against police violence and institutional racism kicked off last summer, Pirates Press auctioned off a grip of tests presses and rare merch to support the cause.

4. The Oppressed – Crucify the Police
It’s the Oppressed. Do I need to say more?

5. Battery March – No Good Cops

6. Blitz – Nation on Fire
Blitz need no introduction.

7. Lethal Dose – Blood on the Street
This EP was released last week. I slept on it for a day, and it already sold out. I will not be missing the second pressing. I hope you don’t either.

8. No Time – Man in Uniform
Pittsburgh’s top Oi!

9. Vicious – The Pigs
This is the third best anti cop song by a punk band.
I think this LP is out of press. Try Discogs or something.

10. Mass Arrest – White World

11. Outreau – Protect and Serve

12. Oi Polloi – Guilty
This EP is way out of press. I have no idea where to find it.

13. The Clash – Police on My Back
The Clash also need no introduction.
You can find their music literally everywhere.

14. MDC – I Remember

15. One Way System – Stab The Judge
I love this song. Different mix than the EP. I’m not sure the recording info. This version is from the “Lords of Oi!” comp.

16. 4-Skins ACAB

17. Code 13 – Send More Cops!

18. Partisans – Bastards in Blue

19. Angelic Upstarts – The Murder of Liddle Towers

20. Black Flag – Police Story
It’s Black Flag. Duh.