New Mix! Annihilate This Week Volume 1!

Don’t have a lot to say this week. I think for now, most of the thoughts swimming around my skull are best kept private or shared with close friends, definitely not rocketed into the void. I’ve been getting back into the swing of work. The hours are long. The commute is hell. The pay is never enough somehow.

But it’s rewarding.

Here’s a sample of the tunes that have graced the turntable at the Signals Fill The Void bunker.

Hope you enjoy. Take care of yourselves, take care of one another.

Annihilate This Week Vol. 1

  1. The Chisel – Unlawful Execution
  2. One Way System – Stab The Judge
  3. Children of God – 31 Seconds of Blind Rage
  4. Battery March – NO GOOD COPS
  5. Attak – Today’s Generation
  6. The Selecter – Time Hard
  7. The Gift – Running Around this Town
  8. Trisomie 21 – Il Se Noie
  9. Skinny Puppy – Nature’s Revenge
  10. Front Line Assembly – Internal Combustion
  11. Broken Bones – Death Is Imminent
  12. Abrasive Wheels – Banner Of Hope
  13. The Specials – Concrete Jungle (Live)
  14. Squellete – Narcisse
  15. Violent Way – VWS
  16. Violent Way – Bow To None
  17. Tragedy – Power Fades
  18. Lion’s Law – Destined to fall
  19. The Selecter – Bristol and Miami
  20. A Silver Mt. Zion – Blindblindblind